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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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well, good morning, and thank you for watching news i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. roads. we start with big traffic news. let's show you here a live look this morning at the awful crash on omerton road near fountain parkway in pinellas county. look at the mangled mess of metal up against the pole. it's a possible fatal at this point, but as you can see, the damage here is really, really intense. >> what a horrible accident.
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deadly hit-and-run crash on the howard franklin bring. right now two of the northbound lanes are shut down. and news channel 8's ryan hughes is live from the bridge this morning. the tow truck driver is dead, and now troopers are searching for the car that killed him? >> reporter: yeah, the frantic search, gayle, is underway far 2014 volkswagon, either a jetta or eos. it's black in color. radioeducate -- right now they are ending to the body, so we are going to push off on me and go to traffic. the tow truck driver was attending to a disabled vehicle, and he was struck by the volkswagon. he was pronounced dead on the scene. the two people in the car initially, who need the assistance of the tow truck driver were actually in the front cab of the tow truck at the time of the crash.
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fhp is investigating this, and as asaid, they are look ing for a 2014 volkswagon jetta or eos. could have gotten off on any exit from this point forward. if you have any information, you're asked to contact fhp. leslee, back to you. >> that happened a couple of hours ago, and the vehicle is long gone at this point, but here's what you need to know. we have a little bit of a slowdown, but vehicles were getting by. at this point it will only take 8 or 9 minutes to cross the howard franklin bridge, but two lanes are taken away due to the fatal crash. if you are leaving the house soon, it's okay to cross the bridge. if you're leaving in half an hour to 45 minutes, check in with me to see how far the backup is. hopefully they have it cleared up it will only take 8 minutes to cross the howard franklin bridge. the courtney campbell up to speed as well. issue in bradenton. cortez road at 20th street,
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is. and now ulmerton road, all the eastbound lanes are still blocked. the earlier picture, that was a flat bed truck that was just wrapped around the pole, and you can see it again. it's hard to tell, but you can see the back bed of the truck this is is a possible fatal crash, folks, and all the eastbound lanes taken away here of 275. what you need to remember here, roosevelt to 275, not ulmerton. again, all the eastbound lanes are taken away. for the folks who are used to taking it, they want to take roosevelt instead. >> such a sad, sad morning today. >> an earlier fatal on ridge rode and u.s. 19. that cleared from the roadway, but maybe three fatals today. very, very sad, and this morning we are also seeing the sun will be up in 15 to 20 minute was. it's currently comfortable.
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significantly warmer than this time yesterday. plant city, you're 16 degrees warmer than you saw on sunday. 13degrees warmer in tampa. during the afternoon, we make it all the way 207 5, and that's a -- all the way to 75, and that's above average. weather and traffic on the 8s, at 6:08, i go hour-by-hour through presidents' day and the rain tonight. >> leigh, thank you. we were just listening to the details on the hit-and-run at the howard franklin, franklin, and it's ironic with the breaking news we are follow this morning, we are looking at the hit-and-run crashes in the state. later today the florida patrol will make this a top priority to get drivers involved in crashes to stop. lindsey mastis is live from fhp in bradenton. it's really impacting people in our area. >> reporter: it is. just this morning, hearing not
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crash, that's not the only one we have this morning, and it's morning. that's exactly why the florida highway patrol is doing this awareness week they are meet here at 10:30, really focusing on the consequences. they are hoping that will help the drivers realize they need to stop when the crashes happen, and you know, one legal expert tells us there's all kinds of reasons why people are not stopping. >> it could be everything from they are maybe not supposed to be out, maybe they are breaking their curfew or they are on house arrest, or second, they feel the wrong place at the wrong time, and safety may be an issue for them. >> reporter: state law requires drivers to stay on the scene they are also supposed to help anyone injured if they can. legislation from 2014 requires drivers who flee the scene of a
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of 4 years in prison. the ramifications are something that families like the gimsons know all too well. stacey lost her son to a hit- and-run driver 2 years ago. >> you have caused devastation, it's your responsibility to stay and see what you can do to help. >> reporter: and that driver who hit her son got a 13-year prison sentence, and she telling 8 on your side she doesn't think it's enough considering her son lost his life. last year there were 92,000 hit- and-runs in florida, and this is a huge problem, and we are going to have updates all morning long, not just about the hit-and-run crash, but also this meeting they will be having today, focusing on what happens to drivers involved in hit-and-runs. gene? back to you. >> it could impact anyone, obviously the family of the victim this morning on the howard franklin bridge, not expecting this to happen. we can see how it impacts everyone in the community,
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new this morning, we have some jaw-dropping video to show you of some pretty bad driving, and pinellas park police are looking for the driver of this white car, and this is becoming a game with some young drivers who take a video of themselves driving wrecklessly and post it to social media. >> he's going to cause an accident. oh my god! >> shhhh. >> oh my god! oh my god! [horn honking ] >> he's going to cause an accident! >> this stunt was pulled in the area of 66th street and 121st avenue, and if you know who the driver is, please call pinellas park police. the nation is mourning the loss of supreme court justice antonin scalia. many describe him as devoted to the law. flags are flying at half staff in front of the white house and the supreme court building.
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in virginia after being flown there from texas. scalia's family is requesting that there not be a private autopsy because he died of natural cause was, and he was visiting a ranch in the lone star state. now the nation waits to see who president obama will nominate to be his successor. the president claims he will make the nomination once the senate returns for a week-long recess. however, republicans are insisting, president obama wait until after the election, and democrats worry that the high court could end up deadlocked on multiple issues with just 8 members. a manatee county deputy is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a man during a domestic dispute in bradenton. this is an update to breaking news we covered at 11:00. the sheriff's office says the deputies shot 50-year-old mark stoddard when he approached with a knife. this is one of our top clicked
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it's 6:08, and we are turning things over to leigh spann with weather and traffic. >> we only have a few days before the gasparilla classic, and i'm putting my shoe of approval on a morning run. around 71 this evening, but a 10% rain chance. let me break it down specifically hour-by-hour. 57 at 8:00 a.m., and already 64 at 10:00 a.m., 70 at noon, 75 for the afternoon high, happening right around 3 :00 p.m., and also after 3:00 p.m., i add in a small rain chance in our headlines, the cold front is coming through very early tomorrow morning, basically right now, 24 hours from thousand, and our best rain chance will be 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, and then sunny, pleasant day on sunday or excuse me wednesday through sunday. notice today, 75, and just slightly below average for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. checking on traffic on the 8s.
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pleasant weather, but not so pleasant on the roadways this morning. we have two confirmed fatal accidents, possibly a third. it's been a mess. the howard franklin bridge. at this point it will only take 8 or 9 minutes to cross it. the gandhi bridge, it's yellow, too, but it's just because of the lights. the howard franklin, a fatal accident tieing up the two right lanes there, and basically you're getting the slow-and-go approach to it. still you can cross, and you don't need to take an alternate. i'm keeping an eye on the breaking news for you. let's go to malik. he's out in the feather sound area, and look at that vehicle wrapped around the pole, and here's what is going on. eastbound ulmerton road, we have had all lanes blocked, and they have now opened one lane this is a possible fatal crash here, folks, and you can see, there's the roadway. one lane has been reopened
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that's good news. traffic kind of light in the area overall, but i will be keeping a note on these throughout the morning and let you know as soon as they wrap up. now back to gene and gayle. a terrifying day for a car rental company. once you see this disaster, you will be so thankful we don't get snow. news channel 8 is in cuba all week long. up next what the u.s. sell gates are doing today to help expand trade with cuba. it's 6:11.
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u.s. congresswoman, kathy caster is in havana this weekend, and so is news channel 8. she is looking at how political change similar pacting the country and ways to expand business with cuba. jeff patterson is the only local reporter there and shows us what is on the agenda for today. >> reporter: it was a busy weekend for the u.s. delegation. they met with a businesswoman
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licensed by the government to do that, and they met with one man who services the beautiful cars to keep them on the road. they wanted to find out what impact the political changes are having on their lives, and today the u.s. congressional delegation will meet with port officials to find out what are the obstacles in business between tampa and cuba to find out what can be done to make the obstacles easier to get around. >> thank you, jeff. 8 on your side has reports for cuba all week. you can find more on jeff's stories over the next several days. a massive fire is under investigation in new york this morning. look at the images here. more than 140 firefighters battled the massive fire in brooklyn, and you can see the flames are shooting out of the building. the entire home was engulfed. right now the fbi is trying to figure out who installed an
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car and then returned the car. an avis budget rental employee car. the bomb squad spent hours working to neutralize it. fortunately no one was hurt. dash cams are not just for law enforcement anymore. for $25 and up, they are becoming more and more affordable and popular. i did some digging and found these days there's no telling doing mind the wheel. >> reporter: a quick stop for a cup of coffee at panera's in south tampa, and a fender bender. >> reporter: you bumped like right in there? >> that's the tail pipe. >> reporter: kim kelly got her dash camera for christmas, and it didn't take long before it captured this video. because they are becoming more affordable, they are growing in popularity, and even law enforcement believes if used properly, it could only help in an investigation. >> without the videos, it's he
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did run the red light? >> sometimes who was at the stop sign first, and who had right-of-way. >> reporter: kim kelly says the man was super cooperative and cut her a check for damages to her car, and now she's ready for a rear-facing dash cam because you never know what you may see. >> see road rage, potential accidents, people racing. >> reporter: and now we can catch it all on camera. >> yikes. >> reporter: keep many mind it keeps track of what you say behind the wheel because there's audio involved, but now i want a forward-facing and rear-facing dash cam. >> i see them all the time for helmets for people on motorcycles for the safety concerns to see what is going on around them before or after they crash. >> exactly.
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now to an 8 on your side alert. tax season just started, and the irs is warning americans something could be wrong with their tax returns. taxpayers are receiving letter from the irs saying the agency is doling with tons of fraudulent returns. the reason? last year's data security breeches, but the good news on your side found more security measures are in place to detect fake returns. look at this collision near indianapolis. 40 to 50 cars were involved. authorities don't know what caused the crashes, but it storm. 2miles of the highway were closed to clean up the collisions. several injuries were reported, evening leg. it's not looking any better in ohio this guy is taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to clearing the snow off his car. big problem.
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roads frozen and covered in snow, causing traffic problems all over the state. drivers on the highway slowed way down because of the low visibility on top of everything else. we had a beautiful weekend. >> not too bad today, but the weekend was fantastic. today, you wake up, head outside, and it's quite comfortable. mild, 57 degrees, and more clouds today. obviously we barely saw a cloud at all yesterday, but clouds increased throughout the day today. 73 at 3:00 p.m., and there's a small afternoon rain chance, and right now, plant city, you're not bad. 61. cooler in zephyrhills. 60 in bradenton, and i checked with my weather watcher, wendy at brooksville. she's cooler, too, at 51. temperatures are running 10 degrees warmer than what we saw on sunday morning. there's the clouds increasing, and there's the stray showers today, and things really change tomorrow, and here's where i
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we will see one or two of the showers in the northern areas, and 5:45 tomorrow morning, the rain will make it to i-4, to the south at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, and then sunny pleasant for tuesday afternoon, right on through sunday. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s? >> folks, two fatal accidents this morning, possibly three it will take 10 minutes to cross the howard franklin bridge. that's if you're on it right now. if you leave the house in 20-30 minutes it will be heavier. it's really slowing down. so much of a difference, just the last 10 minutes for when i showed you this picture here. it's very heavy pushing through there. right lanes are blocked due to the fatal accident. again f you're leaving the house in 20 or 30 minutes, it will be more, but let's go ahead and take a look.
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and let's talk about a new crash. tampa road, injuries there, and also in the bradenton area this is right at 20th street. malik is just west of 275, and you can see one lane has been reopened here in the area. things are looking better, but a nasty crash there that's weather and traffic, and now back to gene and gayle. he paid a pretty penny, and now he's getting extra brownie points. >> the way one high schooler made sure every girl walked out of school with a smile. we have a casanova on our hands.
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listen to this. 800 girls at u.s. high school
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valentine's day plowers melt. >> they have howard goffrey to thank for this. he saved up his money from bagging groceries, and he wanted to make sure every girl felt special. he has a girlfriend, and his wish to make as many people happy as possible came true. >> i'm jealous. give me those flowers. >> weather and traffic is just 3 minutes away. the piece of the master tia renovation project that is soaping up today. putting a stop to hit-and- run crashes. we are on top of breaking news this morning. a live report on a deadly hit- and-run in just a few minutes. a live picture here from the howard franklin bridge this
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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welcome back to news channel 8, and we are following breaking traffic news. it will take over 15 minutes to cross the howard franklin bridge, all due to a fatal crash on the northbound side. let's take a live look. you can see for yourself, you're stacked and packed. if you're leaving the house in more than 10 minute the, take the courtney campbell causeway, not northbound, due to the
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ba da ba ba ba traffic disasters across the bay area, this is a live look at the serious crash near county. just look at the damage as the vehicle wrapped around the pole there. we pan back, and you can see it's still a very active scene right now, and it is really a sight to see that car. a deadly hit-and-run on the
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another live picture for you. we will explain the vehicle troopers are now looking for that hit and killed a tow truck driver and then took off. good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. first, let's get over to leslee lacey to see how to get around. >> reporter: the howard franklin issues affecting traffic. normally it only takes 6 minutes. we are at 14. that's fluctuating from 14 to 18 minutes northbound here. keep this in mind. if you're leaving the house in 10 to 15 minutes it will probably be worse. take an alternate instead. the two right lanes closed all due to the fatal hit-and-run. they are looking for the black volkswagon. we had a tow truck driver who was killed, trying to help people out there, and now there's a serious backup this is the howard franklin bridge
6:32 am
also crash here on tampa road in lanes and also one in manatee county, tieups on 20th street. let's go to malik on the street. you can see, again this is a possible fatal crash, and look at that truck. that's a flat bed truck. apparently the person is in critical condition. that's the latest we know on that. there's lanes open, and you can get by. a lot of activity, and a bit of a slow down. that's the roadways, and now let's hopefully find out if weather is going to be a little bit better than the mess in traffic this morning. it will be nice and dry. we hope everyone takes precaution as they head out this morning. the sun will be up in a new minutes. cooler in polk county, you're at 57 in eastern hillsboro
6:33 am
60 in bradenton and st. petersburg. look at the difference. yesterday morning to today. 10 to 15 degrees warmer right now, and during the day, increasing temperatures to 75, and also increasing clouds, and a nice warm breeze, and small rain chance today, and better rain chances tonight, and you want to stay tuned at 6:38 to weather and traffic on the 8s. i will let you know about the 8- day temperature trend. >> let's go back to breaking news now on the howard franklin bridge. the search is on for the driver who left him there to die. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live from the scene. trooper definitely knows he or she definitely hit someone. >> reporter: exactly. a state trooper on the scene says the vehicle essentially went along the entire length of the tow truck, and the driver obviously knew what happened.
6:34 am
2014 volkswagon, a jetta or an eos. there's a major backup here. there's video from the scene to show you right now. it was around 2:45 when the tow truck driver responded to a disabled vehicle. he showed up, and the two people got into the cab of his truck. he was hooking up their vehicle when the volkswagon went by, hit him, and he flew 30 or 40 feet from where his truck was, pronounced dead on the scene. we don't have his identity at this point. fhp is waiting to contact the family members of this individual, but another live look right now, sluggish from this point back, and probably about a mile. if you were headed out this way, just be warned there's substantial delay at this point. gene, back to you. >> thank you, just one of many accidents this morning. the florida highway patrol is taking action to try to stop the hit-and-run crashes just like the one on the howard
6:35 am
familiar with the cases here in tampa bay, and news channel 8's lindsey mastis is live. before the crash, troopers already had something planned for this morning. >> reporter: it is a sad start to the morning it drives home the point as to why this is so important. in a few hours, florida highway patrol will be meeting here to go over the consequences for drivers, and they want to make sure drivers know what will happen if they fail to stop, and then they are hoping that will help to convince people to stop and is we will have less of the hit-and-run crashes, but the numbers are just crazy, and take a look at this. in florida, last year, 92,000 hit-and-runs, and more than 19,000 people got injured, 186 people died, and here's an example of one local family suffering because of a crash like this. stacey gimson's only child died
6:36 am
crash 2 years ago, and that driver is serving 13 years behind bars, but she tells 8 on your side that's not enough because her son lost his life. >> you could have stayed there to call 911. you could have stayed there to help his friends who were young kids n a complete panic, total chaos. there's always something you can do, even if it's just to just be there. >> reporter: not only are drivers required to stay on the scene, they are also supposed to help anyone injured if they can, legislation passed in 2014 requires drivers drivers that flee the scene of deadly crashes to spend a minimum of 4 years in prison. most of us cannot imagine hitting somebody and leaving the scene, but legal expert says there's a lot of reasons why people do it from curfews to just panicking.
6:37 am
stop and see if you can help in some way. this morning, someone lost their life a hit-and-run, and that's nothing we want to hear about or see happen. if you have any information, fhp wants to know if you have any information about that crash this morning. >> yeah, lindsey, i was just talking to sergeant steve gaskins just last week about this, and he said you're right, either they were drinking or scared, and there's a list of reasons, but the point is, stop! thank you, lindsey. time now, 6:37, two teens accused in three armed robberies are waking up behind bars. deputies said nicholas gilham and another teen ambushed three separate people as they got out of their cars at an apartment complex on sunday morning. one man was shot, and the others were pistol whipped in the face. we are not identifying the second teen because he's a juvenile.
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driver continues to recover after a deadly crash. it's not clear why dakota overstreet's car jumped the curb, spun around, and hit two palm trees before finally landing wheels up on its roof. it start night in mullberry. john pierce, the passenger, was not wearing a seat belt and died. 6:38 on this presidents' day, and most kids have the day off today. >> almost all kids have the day off, and a lot of adults have the day off as well. i will take you through hour-by- hour to show you what i'm talking about. a lot warmer this day than yesterday. quickly into the 60s by 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. warming to 70 by the lunch break, and notice the clouds increase by that point, and after 3:00 p.m., i add in a small rain chance this is going forward in time until 6:00 or 7:00.
6:39 am
rain, no a rainout, and then look what happens tomorrow morning. this is 5:15 on tuesday morning, tomorrow, rain in the northern areas, especially citrus, hernando, and pasco. a quick mover. the rain is pushing south of i- 4. by 9:00, the last of the rain coming out of here it will cool us, but not much. 75 today, down into the low 70s with crystal blue skies for wednesday, thursday, and friday. leslee has more updates on what is happening on the roads this morning. >> i mentioned after an hour ago, make sure you check in with me before you leave to head out on the howard franklin bridge. here's why. folks, we are now very quickly up to almost half an hour to cross it. look at that 25-27 minutes, just like that, and it will all increase. it's due to a fatal crash on the tampa side northbound. it's backing you up. in fact a live look. here it is, the two right lanes are taken away, and we also got
6:40 am
this is another problem spot, and look at this, and if you were going any slower, you would be going backwards. a problem spot for the left lane. the courtney campbell causeway, look at the mess, down to 11 miles an hour. malik is on the street. just west of 275 here, a lane is open. look at the pole. just about to the left of the center of your screen there, and there's a vehicle wrapped around it. possible fatal crash here. they do have lane that have been reopened. that's good news. earlier, it was completely blocked. look at that truck. it's completely mangled. we are keeping an eye on this one for you. back to gene and gayle.
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progress at tampa international airport. they are mark the first improvements. tia will have more food choices for passengers it comes as the airport prevails to unveil bay coffee and tea and auntie ann's next week. folks will get a taste of tampa right when they land. the overall expansion will cost $1 billion, and it started in late 2014, so you can count on news channel 8 to be there for today's ceremony, and you can walk through what is new beginning at first on 4. big opportunity for the restaurants who have invited locals to come in and be part of the expansion. >> that makes me hungry. this morning, new research that your kids are going to proudly like. >> especially my little one, ella.
6:42 am
not be so bad after all. >> this is incredible. oh my god! >> the new technology that surprising patients this morning and completely changing their hospital stay. first, the leader of north korea ordering more rocket launches. up next what he is saying about the scientists involved in the country's last rocket launch. you're watching news channel 8
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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right now, hillsboro county deputies are -- hillsborough county deputies are inveighs gait -- investigating a home invasion. four people were home, and one person has been transported to
6:46 am
his condition sun known at this hour. we will bring you any updates as soon as they are available. now to your vote. hillary clinton will make a campaign stop in florida today. democratic presidential candidate will attend a grass roots event in rivera beach. she met with a group of dreamers sunday in nevada. dreamers are children who were brought into the u.s. illegally before the sage of 16. >> remember, you only from two more days to register to vote in florida's presidential primary. you must register by this tuesday. that's tomorrow. florida's primary is is a closed election. that means you must be registered as a republican or democrat in order to vote in each party's primary, and the primary is happening march 15th, and we have everything you need to know about the primary on go on there and check it out. developing this morning,
6:47 am
un continues to ignore international warnings and continues to order more locket launches. this rocket was said to be an earth observation satellite. many say it's a prohibited test of missile technology. this morning there's reports that kim jong-un is praising the scientists involved with the launch. this is the first u.s.- asian gathering hosted in the must, and the group will cover several issues including security trade and climate exchange. this peaceful underwater world is hoping to ease the stress of pain on patients at cedar sinai in los angeles it uses virtual reality to help the patients stay more comfortable. doctors are studying the effects of virtual reality and what they can have on patients
6:48 am
surroundings, sometimes frighten, and it's -- f rightening, and it's making all the difference. >> it was the greatest diversion i could have ever had. >> reporter: doctors have also turned wheelchairs into roller coasters. it could be useful for women enduring long labors and those waiting for painful procedures. >> you hope there's no sharks in the ocean cane. the pesky back of the class chatter boxes are getting support this morning. talking during class could be good for students, and you heard that teachers. a new study of college students shows when the students talked to their peers, they found a greater sense of belonging and
6:49 am
>> most kids are out today. mrs.clowskif -- clowski if you're watching, let ella chatter in the back of the classroom. [ laughter ] 58 here at sun city center. absolutely gorgeous. warm manner yesterday at 57 degrees. as the day goes on, i expect more clouds. 73 at 3:00 p.m., and a small rain chance this afternoon. stepping out the door in plant city, you're at 59. as i mentioned, close to 10 degrees above from we were yesterday morning, and even my weather watcher says 57 degrees, and you go just to the north, even north georgia with frozen precipitation, the same thing for the carolinas, and here's the area of low pressure. for us, mild morning, not many clouds. the clouds will inyes, sir. warmer in the afternoon today, but mostly dry. look how quickly the cold front gets here.
6:50 am
first showers in the northern communities, and 8:00 or 9:00, the rain is already down in the southern areas, clearing out, and then we are in for a gorgeous afternoon tomorrow. pleasant, sunny, low humidity, into the weekend. leslee, a lot of traffic updates. >> we are going to focus on the howard franklin bridge to start things off. look at this, northbound, really stacked and packed. 6miles an hour here, all do to a fatal crash. you can see the two right lanes are blocked. i just got an update it should be reopening soon, but right now, look at this backup right here, folks. take the courtny campbell causeway if you're headed into tampa this morning or the gandy bridge it should be reopening
6:51 am
northbound 301 at panther trace, all lanes are blocked here. let's go to malik on the street. it looks like two lanes eastbound have been reopened. very good news. he just panned away, but as he moves back, you can see they are active on the scene where the vehicle crashed into a pole, quite a nasty mess there, but again, two lanes have been reopened right by 275. this is a look at weather and and gayle. leslee, thank you. we will find out which stars walk away with the most
6:52 am
believed by the -- grammy awards, but it's believed that kendrick lamar will not walk away with any despite being the most nominated because he is facing stiff competition from stars like taylor swift. wreckless driving caught on camera. why police believe this is a dangerous driving trend we need to know about. it's 6:52.
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lot of breaking news this morning. traffic news that is. first a deadly hit-and-run leaves a tow truck driver dead. >> now troopers are searching for the car that caused the horrible crash. >> and according to fhb, a black volkswagon jetta or eos slammed into the driver while he was loading a vehicle on the northbound lanes of the howard franklin bridge.
6:56 am
bridge to reopen at any minute now. look at this crash in pinellas county. troopers say the person taken out of this truck is in critical condition. look at this truck. it's absolutely mangled. it wrapped around a pole near mountain parkway. the lanes there are now back open. a manatee county deputy is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a man during a domestic dispute in bradenton. the sheriff's office says the deputies shod mark stoddard when he approached the deputy with a knife. you have to see this the pinellas county police are looking for the driver of this white car he saw speeding around in the distance. the drivers take a video of themselves driving wrecklessly and posted it to social media anyone with information should call pinellas police.
6:57 am
the body of justice scalia is now in virginia. on sunday, a procession of 20 police officers brought the body to a funeral home from the ranch where he was found dead on friday. saturday, excuse me. is part of the new concession area for tampa international airport opening today it's part of the master expansion project. the sun is coming up, gorgeous morning. comfortable. upper 50s during the day. i expect more clouds coming in by 10:00 a.m. late tonight, after midnight, until about mid-morning tomorrow, there's the 40% rain chance, beautiful into the end of the week. looking at traffic out there, big issues.
6:58 am
cross the howard franklin bridge into tampa, take the courtney campbell bridge. we are down to 6 miles an hour. should be clearing soon, but the two right lanes are still blocked. northbound 301, headed into riverview. don't get on 301. take i-75, looking fantastic. and now a live view just so you can see the howard franklin bridge, and the backup is getting better here. let's move over to another camera, and we move over to the other camera, and you can see in the point of view, not so nice here. again, courtney mta bell causeway, and the g a ndy bridge should be reopening soon. >> a lot of people have the day off for president's day. -- presidents' day, it's pretty backed up for that.
6:59 am
good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity for them to get a job. i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would affect me and many people that have grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely.
7:00 am
the new seminole compact. ba da ba ba ba good morning. paying respects. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived in virginia overnight. while the battle to who should fill his seat is already in full swing. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court juice. >> the lame duck president in an election year is not going to be able to tip the balance of the supreme court. >> this morning, the epic once in a generation fight over the direction of the court and the country.


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